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Beside our core production program, Fragokov offers free capacities for co-operation production:

Based on technical documentation we offer production or machining of parts and assembly from different types of materials (grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, aluminum, steel, stainless steel etc.) For co-operation production we use own modern NC and CNC technologies.

Degreasing of parts


In 2008 was given into using the cleaning device from company Dürr Ecoclean. As a degreasing medium we use hydrocarbons which have perfect degreasing properties.

Device is designed for cleaning, degreasing and conservation of part made of:
               - metals (steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals),
               - plastics (if resistance is proven),
               - glass polluted with organic impurities (oil, fat) or inorganic impurities (millings, dust)

The above mentioned device with is conception and construction corresponds with basic safety and health requirements according to EC regulation.

Surface treatment - paintcoating


Also in 2008 was given into using spraying and drying booth. It is used also as a part of our technologic process by products finalization.