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Toolmaking division deals with development, production and assembly of injection molds, jigs, stamping tools for sheetmetals working and precise cutting. Yearly capacity is approximately 50 molds and/or tools of highest quality.
Toolmaking activities are mainly focused on complete solutions for injection molding tools – with complex offer i.e. design, optimalization, mold production and production of referential samples and serial production.

Production program
- Molds for injection molding of plastics
- Stamping tools for sheetmetals working and precise cutting
- Jigs, gauges and measurements
- Devices and tools repairing

Maximal dimension of tool: 850 x 1400mm
Maximal weight of tool: 5 000kg

Head of Toolmaking division: Ing. Miroslav Cupper
Technology: Peter Havrilla
Phone: 00421 51 7462 318 Phone: 00421 51 7462 351
Email: cupper@fragokov.sk Email: havrilla@fragokov.sk
Head of production: Igor Kundráčik Quality control: Jozef Marcinčin
Phone: 00421 51 7462 326 Phone: 00421 51 7462 323
Email: kundracik@fragokov.sk Email: marcincin@fragokov.sk
Construction: Ing. Jozef Nižnik
Construction: Ing. Milan Pastor
Phone: 00421 51 7462 324 Phone: 00421 51 7462 324
Email: niznik@fragokov.sk Email: pastor@fragokov.sk